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When a family member needs experienced and loving caregivers, they often call us.

Before we started, we asked ourselves this question : "If we were to be incapacitated, diagnosed with a condition that renders us incapable of taking care of ourselves, or suffer a severe injury that makes us dependent on someone else for our day-to-day care, where would we prefer to be cared for? Whom would we prefer to be our caregiver?  

We would of course be looking for a company whose owners and managers understand the needs of some of the most vulnerable and challenged in our society, and whose employees have a genuine love for caring for others. 
Here at Trusted Care Services, our vision is to provide our clients with the best quality healthcare to enhance their lives and living conditions, to put smiles on their faces, and to give them reasons to want to be a part of a society where they look different, talk different and act different.
Trusted Care loves our clients unconditionally. As a result, we hired Nurse supervisors that make routine inspection of other nurses and employees with direct contact with our clients to ensure that these clients are getting the very best possible care they can get. 
The Trusted Care Advantage-(What sets us apart)
Our uniqueness begins with our relationship with our clients. We take our time to know our clients, bond with and meet.... 
SERVICES we provide
1.    Health care services:
  • Passport Clients
  • Home Maker Duties
  • DD clients.
  • Private Duty
  • Live-in Companion & Sitter Services   
2.    Adult Day Care Services
3.    Waiver Transportation Services (Ambulette or Non-
       Emergency Medical), and ATN
4.    Money Management Services
5.    Individual Employment Services (IES)
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